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Nottinghamshire located in the East Midlands region holds farming at the core of the county. Predominant farm types in the region include Cereal farms accounting for a total of 49% of the farmed area, General cropping which covers 19%, and Grazing Livestock accounting for an added 15%. Additionally, the region has continued to see a growth in demand for Wheat harvested at a rate of 20%, whilst Rapeseed Oil is seeing a similar need at 26%, both per thousand hectares. For farmers looking for reliable machinery in Nottinghamshire, designed to assist in the harvesting of Wheat, Rapeseed Oil and more, we can help. Explore our complete range in agricultural machinery for all your farming needs.

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Machinery for Sale in Nottinghamshire

Our range of machinery is specifically designed to cover an array of agricultural requirements, covering equipment such as agricultural irrigation, farm subsoilers and cultivators. Browse our complete range of used machinery for sale across Nottinghamshire below.


Machinery to Rent in Nottinghamshire

Farm machinery can often be costly to purchase outright, which is why we provide a premium range of used agricultural machinery available to rent across Nottinghamshire. Our range covers some of the biggest brands including Vaderstad, Great Plains and many more.


Machinery to Sell in Nottinghamshire

If you are looking to sell your farm machinery in Nottinghamshire, then we are here to help. Find out more on how you can sell your machinery with us below.


Auctions with Ellis Machinery

Participating in an auction is extremely useful for the farmers who are searching for a cheaper way to purchase their desired machinery. Showing to be an effective way in liquidating excess stock, our auction platform is designed to assist farmers across Nottinghamshire in finding the perfect machine. Find out more on our auction platform below.

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As the UK’s leading supplier of used agricultural machinery, we provide an extensive array across agricultural equipment and farming machinery.

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With over 100 years of experience within the farming and agricultural industry, we have been able to develop a thorough understanding of what our customers require.

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The team at Ellis Machinery source and supply farm machinery and equipment for farmers all over the globe.  Our team of experts can advise on all of the paperwork and export requirements to get the machinery to you hassle free.

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The team at Ellis Machinery are focused on finding you the right machinery.  Our dedicated team of experts can source machinery from all over the globe to meet the requirements of farmers worldwide.  Although we have such a wide range of machinery and global reach, we have one goal, serving you our loyal customer.

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