Irrigation Reels

The Turbocar reels are leading in the agricultural sector, simple and practical to use, low maintenance costs and excellent build quality are what makes these machines stand head and shoulders above the rest.  There is a large range of machines from the G1 Turbocar Smart 50/200 to the IG5 Turbocar Extreme 16/800, so there is a machinery to meet everyone's needs.  There is even an option to have Combo machine which combines the Turbocar reel with a Turbopump.

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The Turbocar agricultural irrigation reels are built with the user in mind they are compact, tough, cheap to run and user friendly.  The Idrofoglia Turbocar irrigation hose reels consist of six key parts:

1. The Turbine

After years of careful research and field tests, only the best turbines are fitted with extremely low losses at load and a self-cleaning system.

2. The Frame

The Turbocar frames are not only strong and well built but careful attention has been placed on the balance in order to avoid heavy load on the tractor.

3. The Hose Support Reel

One of the most vital parts of the machine and one of Idrofoglia's strong points.  The reels have been built for strength with 5 reinforcements and a specially crafted smooth centre plate which reduces strain on the first collection of pipe on the reel.

4. The Hose

Idrofoglia only used medium density polyethene hose which is more durable and much longer life than high density.

5. Support/Inlet

Where the water enters the reel the support bush is made of a special resin material which needs no maintenance and allows more water through than a standard bush.

6. The Sprinkler Trolly

The simple robust sprinkler trolley has a 2 +1 wheel system which ensures the hose following the correct course.

This list of features is the reason Idrofoglia's Turbocar irrigation hose reels stand out for their quality, durability and superior build.  It is the reason many customers just keep coming back.

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