Coming into existence in 1879 through the manufacturer of scythes in Norway, Kverneland machines are a leader in farming equipment, cemented by their dedication to pushing technological boundaries through heat treating of machines.

Globally known for producing and manufacturing ploughs for optimal performance (including unparalleled strength to weight ratio), longevity and quality – the brand has become the first port of call for many farmers looking improve and upgrade equipment.

Kverneland Ploughs

Kverneland is often considered the leading manufacturer of ploughs, and in terms of innovation and range, they most probably are.  From the simple, lightweight 150B to the highly technical, ISOBUS controlled, 2500 i-plough some of Kverneland's latest machines take ploughing to a whole new level.  At Ellis Machinery the range tends to include the LB & LO range of mounted ploughs, the EG & EO auto-reset ploughs and some of the larger semi-mounted and wagon ploughs.

Kverneland EVO TS

A well built, high output tine seeder.  The Kverneland Evo has been the first choice for many farmers who have to drill in wet and difficult conditions, the strong, sprung tine and compact design make it a very versatile drill for a variety of situations and weather conditions.  The TS can also cope with high amounts of crop residue and is a cost-effective planting solution with its relatively low-cost purchase price.

Kverneland farm machinery is at the core of the Ellis Machinery stock range, and we work to ensure we have one of the finest ranges available online and for viewing, with the ability to source Kverneland machinery upon request as well.