Ellis Machinery have been sourcing machinery for farmers around the globe for over 25 years.  Ellis Machinery's selection of seed drills is very extensive with drills suitable for many different soils, weather conditions and seed types.  Power harrow combination drills and tine seeders for wet conditions, and the ever popular Vaderstad Rapid and Horsch DC Pronto for high output drilling in drier conditions.  With the recent increase in direct drilling Ellis Machinery now stock a range of Claydon, Moore and Sumo direct drills

Establishing a crop is the most important part of the farmer’s job.  The profitability of the farm depends on the success of the crop and all the jobs throughout the year revolve round it.  It is important to get the cultivation methods right and create the seedbed, it is also important to maintain the crop during the year, but all of this will be useless without the crop being planted correctly.

Drilling methods are very varied and consequently the range of drills on sale today can be confusing.  Ellis Machinery have a wide range of used agricultural drills for sale.

Most agricultural drills fall into the following categories:

Box drills – the simplest for os metering and distribution.  This drill relies on gravity to feed the seed through the metering unit and then to the coulters which are either discs or tines.

Tine drills – e.g. Kverneland TS Evo or weaving tine drill.  These are a simple and effective drill, ideal for wet conditions as they are light and tractor mounted.  Usually a fairly inexpensive method of crop establishment.

High output cultivation drills – e.g. Horsch Pronto DC or Vaderstad Rapid seed drill.  These are some of the most popular drill currently available.  Able to drill accurately at high speeds and cover large acreages.  Whilst not the best drill in wet conditions these drills do produce excellent results.

Combination drills – e.g. Amazone or Kuhn.  A power harrow with a drill mounted on it.  This is another wet weather option due to it being tractor mounted.  The power harrow adds another pass of cultivation.  They are not usually very high output and a wide option would need a front hopper to keep the drill effective.

Direct drill – e.g. Claydon, Moore and Mzuri.  Growing in popularity this is a massive time and money saving option.  Drilling straight into uncultivated soil is not a proven technique in all land types but is certainly an attractive proposition in saving money in crop establishment.

Precision drills – used predominately from crops such as maize these planters place the seeds one at a time with great accuracy resulting in an even distribution of plants.  Often they will place fertilizer in the same pass to assist crop growth.

All of the above drills require different ground preparation and cultivation techniques to provide the right kind of seedbed for crop establishment.  Some are more intensive than others but each has its own merits in the right conditions.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to planting so Ellis Machinery have a wide selection of drills available to cater for all needs.

One of the most important parts of drilling is getting the set up right and running of the drill correctly.  There are some simple checks that can be carried out before use and a guide on troubleshooting drill problems on our blog

Ellis Machinery also stock a wide range of ploughs and cultivators, available for immediate deleivery.