Power Harrows

Power harrows are usually used for secondary tillage after ploughing or subsoiling and will finely break up the soil, refining and evenly distributing it over the entire working width to create a perfect seed bed often in a single pass.  Over the last 40 years the power harrow has been a vital tool on the farming armoury as part of the more traditional cultivation process (you can read more about cultivation methods in our blog here)   

Power harrows come in a selection of widths from smaller 2.5 and 3M models to the mighty 6M machines which require high horsepower.

At the heart of every power harrow is the gearbox, this is the most important part of the machine, where the whole process come from and where most of the stress will ba after a long day in the field.  There are various makes of power harrow on the market Ellis Machinery stock the main makes and models including Kuhn, Lemken, Maschio and Amazone.

Power harrows are powered via the PTO (power take off) on the tractor and can be dangerous if not correctly used and maintained, there is more information about safely using a PTO here.