Ellis Machinery stock a complete range of presses and rolls for soil consolidation following cultivation or drilling. Agricultural presses are a crucial part of the cultivation process. They are used to break up clods of earth while compacting the soil to create a firm and continuous seedbed. This helps to improve the seed-to-soil contact, which in turn helps germination

Agricultural Presses and Rolls – Cultivation Tools that Work for You

Both presses and rolls are relatively low-maintenance with few parts that need replacing. Heavy-duty press rings have a very long life expectancy. The only other part that might require your attention from time to time is the bearings. These also have a long life expectancy and when the time does come to replace them, it’s a straight-forward job.

Which Ring Is the Best?

Traditionally the rings would be made from cast steel, but the DD press rings are now far more popular. Cousins developed an alternative known as Razor Rings. These consist of two discs pressed face to face with a sharp leading edge.

Early rollers were made of a single piece, which worked well until you had to turn a corner. Because of the variation in the speed of rotation between the inside and outside of the roller this would lead to skidding. On softer ground this could drag soil into a heap.

Rollers started being split into two or three sections to reduce this problem, but the Cambridge roller overcomes the issue altogether by mounting many small segments on a single axle. This allows each ring to rotate at the required speed. The Cambridge roller can consist of plain rings or plain rings and breakers. The breakers help to break up clods while also keeping soil from sticking to the rolls.

Hydraulic paddles are another popular addition for both presses and rolls. These are placed in front of rings to break down the soil prior to consolidation.

Get the Right Advice

Rolls are available in a range of sizes up to 12.4 Metres. Presses come in many types including Cultipresses, double presses and plough presses. Prices vary greatly depending on your requirements, from a small plough press for as little £950 right up to a Simba 4.6 metre Cultipress which might cost as much as £15,000.

When you’re making such a big investment in farm equipment it’s important to know you’re getting the best tool for the job. We can discuss your options and offer advice on the best solution for you. This is just one of many reasons hundreds of farmers use Ellis Machinery. We stock a comprehensive range of rolls and presses from manufacturers like Simba, Twose, He-Va and cousins.

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