Mzuri Pro-til Direct Drills

The Mzuri Pro-til is a versatile one-pass drill designed primarily as a strip-tillage machine but equally, adapt to drilling in inversion systems.  Being such a flexible machine and capable of drilling directly into stubble, minimally tilled land or even after the plough makes the Pro-til the ideal machine to transition from conventional tillage to direct drilling.

The Pro-til has been developed to create a uniform till and place the seed at a controlled depth in a designated strip of the soil, leaving the soil around it untouched and in optimum condition organically to support the growth of the crop. Strip-tillage cultivates only a targeted area and leaves the crop residue on the soil surface between the cultivated strips, helping to retain moisture, increase earthworm activity and improve soil structure and fertility.

The tines and wheels of the Pro-Til are alternately staggered to give space for trash to flow through the drill. The coulter units are each connected to a pressurised hydraulic system, which ensures even pressure to each of the rear wheels. Enabling an accurate seed placement depth and excellent 'soil-to-seed' contact.

The metering unit of the Mzuri Pro-til is a variable speed electric motor and a gearbox driving a seed roller. Calibration is simple and accurate, the operator simply pushes a button, weighs the collected seed and enters the amount into the control panel. 

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