The Rehab

The Mzuri Rehab is specifically designed to provide maximum subsoil shatter with minimum surface disturbance.  A winged point combined with a deep cutting discs increases available oxygen and nutients to promote strong and healthy roots.

The Rehab can loosen the lower soil profile and improve water infilteration to encourage fast estabishment and deep rooting for the plants.  The soil is well aerated which will speed up warming in the spring.  By leaving soil surface undisturbed the previous crop residue is left intact on the surface to avoid using up large amounts of nitrogen.

As an optional extra, the Rehab can be fitted with a seeder unit which is ideal for drilling oilseed rape or cover crops.  The individual coulters provide an acurate sowing depth and loosening the subsoil encourages a long and strong tap root providing the ideal soil environment for each seed.  A 600mm row spacing give better light interception which encourages vigorous plant growth and rapid healthy germination.