Sell Your Machinery With Ellis Machinery

13 Jul 2020

For many prospective agricultural machinery buyers, the Ellis Machinery website is the first place to look.  We have over 400 machines in stock at our yard in Gaydon, and we are buying and selling more than 30/40 machines per week, but we can't handle everything we are offered.

To enable more farmers to sell machinery via Ellis Machinery, we have created an online platform where you can list your machinery for sale via our online auction.  It is simple to use and to create a listing, but most of all, it is affordable.  A listing can be created for as little as £20, and your machine is then in front of an audience of prospective buyers, no commissions and no hidden cost.  All communications can be carried out via the platform, and invoicing is direct between buyer and seller.

Listing fees are as follows:

Machine Estimated Value       Listing Fee

£0 - £999                             £20 +vat

£1000 - £4999                     £150 +vat

£5000+                               £250 +vat

Here's what to do next:

  1. Head to our registration page and open an account in a matter of clicks.
  2. Fill out your details and complete the machinery listing following a simple step by step guide.
  3. Ellis Machinery will then review the listing, and if all the details are correct the payment will be taken, and the listing made live.
  4. The machine will then go live for the duration of the auction.  Prospective buyers can contact you directly through a messaging platform which is part of the auction.
  5. We will notify you of the winning bidder, and you will invoice them directly.  Collection or delivery is worked out between the buyer and seller.

Register for the online auction today and start buying and selling farm machinery.