Looking To Sell Used Agricultural Machinery?

We know selling your surplus machinery can be a time consuming and expensive task.  Whether it’s selling it through costly classified adverts or finding the dealer who will give the best value. There is always the questions of “what is my machinery actually worth” and “how can I best sell my machinery”. 

At Ellis Machinery we’ve been buying and selling used farm equipment for over quarter of a century, with all that experience and a specialist team with a wealth of industry knowledge, we are uniquely placed to know the best value and selling method for your machinery.  We require machinery to fulfil customer requirements so we're always on the lookout for second-hand machinery for sale.

If you have machinery you are looking to sell you can send us the details for a valuation in the below form, it's quick and easy to use and ensures we have all the details that we need to give you the best possible price for your machinery.

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From the experts at Ellis Machinery

The team at Ellis Machinery have developed an online platform to enable our customers to sell their equipment quickly and easily.  You can list your machinery with just a few clicks and sell it in one of two ways:

  1. Sell it to Ellis Machinery to meet the needs of one of their customers – we’re always on the lookout for machinery. We regularly list customers’ requirements, if you have a machine that fits these then this is the quickest way to move your machinery on.  All haulage and aftersales is dealt with by Ellis Machinery.
  2. List in on our online auction/sales platform – this online machinery auction has been extremely successful with hundreds of registered users waiting to bid on your machinery. It is quick and easy to list your machinery and all communications with interested customers is carried out through the platform.  And the best bit?  You can list an item from only £20!!!

The best bit is there are no hidden costs to you however you sell it through Ellis Machinery, no commission for buyers or sellers just a one-off listing charge.

Guide to selling your used Farm Machinery

Step One

Contact Ellis Machinery!  We want to be your first port of call for both buying and selling machinery.  When you have machinery to sell the first thing to do it to send the details to Ellis Machinery and get expert advice.  If we don't have customer requirements for the machinery then you have the option of selling the machinery through the Ellis Machinery online selling platform either by auction or for sale advert.

Step Two

Create an account - it's free and gives you unlimited access to buying and selling on the site.  Once you've set up the account you can fill out the details of your machine (or machines) and submit them to the Ellis Machinery team.  At this stage, you can decide if you want to list the machine for sales on the auction for one week or as a 'buy it now' classified advert which will be listed for a month. 

Step Three

Ellis Machinery will review the listing and confirm the acceptance, you will then receive an invoice to pay for the listing, once paid the advert will go live.

Step Four

For the duration of the listing, you will be able to see all the details on the advert on your account including offers and messages from interested buyers. 

If the listing is an auction then Ellis Machinery will notify you of any bids at the auction close and you will be able to review and notify Ellis Machinery of acceptance before the buyer is contacted. 

If the machinery is listed as a classified advert you will need to notify Ellis Machinery of any successful sale so the advert can be removed

Step Five

Once the deal has been agreed by both the buyer and the seller then the seller will need to invoice the buyer and make any other necessary arrangements directly with the buyer.

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Machinery Valuation

As one of the leading used agricultural machinery dealers in the UK we are constantly providing machinery valuation advice for farmers and dealers throughout the UK, and indeed the world.  This platform combines over 25 years of experience in valuing and sourcing agricultural machinery and makes it available to all.  Enabling you to find out what your machinery is worth and get advice on how best to sell it.  With over 400 machines in stock and customers around the globe, Ellis Machinery can provide a solution for most machinery, but ‘Sell Your Machinery’ is much more than this.  It’s about providing you with the advice of the best way to sell your machinery, that may be selling it privately, putting it up for auction or selling it through a dealer.  Along with this advice, you will receive an estimate of what your machinery is worth.

We believe this is the ultimate online farm machinery market place.  Combining the expertise of Ellis Machinery with the need for a simple market-driven solution for farmers to buy and sell their machinery all in one place.  This is quite simply just another way Ellis Machinery can help you find the perfect solution to your agricultural equipment needs and put what you need within your reach.

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