Have you got agricultural machinery to sell?  At Ellis Machinery we're always looking for machinery to me our clients rerquirements, if you have any machinery surplus to requirments please send us the details and the team will be happy to put a valuation on it. 

Machines we are currently looking for: 

Power harrows
Kuhn HR5003/5004 folding 
Kuhn HR4003/4004 folding
Kuhn HR6003/6004
Sumo Trio 2.5m, 4m, 4.5m
Simba X-press 3m/4.6m/5.5m/6.6m
Vaderstad Topdown TD300/TD400/TD500/TD600/TD700
Vaderstad Carrier 420 - 1220
Horsch Terrano 4MT/6MT
Horsch Joker 6RT
Lemken Kompaktor 4m - 6m
Kongskilde Germinator 6m
McConnel Shakaerator - 4m + (folding)
4.5m hydr. folding Simba Flatliner
Horsch Joker 3m with tine bar
Kverneland AUTO RESET stubble cultivators - 3m
Horsch Terrano 4FG/6FG/8FG
Bomford Dyna-drive 3m
Cousins hydraulic folding pigtails
Grassland subsoiler
Kverneland Optima 6 and 8 row maize drills
Amazone 3m/4m combi drills with disc coulters
Kuhn Venta 3m/4m combination drills
Reco Sulky combi, mounted drill
Vaderstad Carrier 3m drill
Horsch Pronto 3DC, 4DC, 6DC
Vaderstad Rapid 3m / 6m with fertiliser (300C/600C)
Vaderstad Rapid 4m/6m Post 2009
John Deere 750a 4m/6m
Claydon 3m/4m/4.8m/6m Hybrid
Mzuri 3m and 4m drills
Sulky Easydrill direct drill (similar system to Moore) 3 - 4m
Accord DL 3m/4m
Vaderstad Tempo maize drill 
Moore 3m Unidrills
Kverneland Monopill beet drill
Horsch Sprinter 4ST/6ST/8ST
Grassland, mowers, irrigation, forestry
Claas Liner rake 2700/2900/3100
Irrigation reel - pref 110/500 or 550
Woodchipper - trailed
Fertiliser spreaders
Kuhn Aero 18m - 24m
Amazone spinners - 3000 or larger, in immaculate condition
Dowdeswell DP145 in very good condition
Kuhn Varimaster 152/153/182
Kverneland LO85/LO100
Kverneland EG/ES/ED85/200 or /300
Kverneland EO85/300 – 6/7F.  
Lemken on land / in furrow 7 furrow plough
Rolls and Presses
8/9/10/12m Cousins
6m Opico/He-va Rolls with paddles
12m/16/18m Opico/He-va Rolls
Front presses - 3m and 4m 
Simba Cultipress 3.3m/4.6m/5.5m/6.6m
Simba Great Plains Unipress 4.6m 
Vaderstad RexiusTwin 330/450/550


This is just a few of the machines that we are currently looking for.  We are always happy to put a valuation on any of your kit you might be thinking of moving on, just submit the details below.