Gregoire Besson manufacture and engineer ploughs, cultivators and subsoilers aimed at meeting the food challenges of the 21st century and beyond. This includes machinery for effective soil preparation, to maintain sustainability and keep costs of farming to a minimum. Products range from the 50hp to 600hp options dependant on the needs of the farm and demands of the equipment in place. The machines include a reversible plough range and a wide selection of cultivators, each with a specific design built from a wealth of experience within the farming industry.

Gregoire Besson Discordon 

The legendary Gregoire Besson primary cultivator this strong, well-built machine comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 3M to the mighty 7M version that can really shift some soil.  The Discordon consists of a combination of tines and discs to cultivate the soil and a steel ring packer for reconsolidation.  As with many of these large primary cultivators the Discordon can be fitted with a seeder for planting cover crops for oilseed.  

Gregoire Besson Plough 

Ploughs from Gregoire Besson are renown as strong, simple machines, they come in a range of sizes; mounted and semi-mounted, on land/in-furrow.  If you're looking for a reliable plough that is easy to use in most conditions Gregoire Besson could have the plough for you.

Gregoire Besson farm machinery is at the core of the Ellis Machinery stock range and we work to ensure we have one of the finest ranges available online and for viewing, with the ability to source Gregoire Besson machinery upon request as well.